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Most valuable FX Tips

 1. Put in place Stop Loss:
 Before making any trade whatsoever, decide beforehand how much you're willing to lose and you just conformed to this amount.Set a stop loss level before entering a trade and position it as soon as possible.Never change your stop loss if your position is a loser.

2. Let your profits run:
 Never let your emotions govern a trade. Keep in mind why you came on the market and conform naturally to these reasons. Unless you're emotional, you will be better. Do not turn away from your trading plan, move your stop loss as the market moves in your favor and let your profits run.

3. Do not be fooled:
 You must have your own trading strategy and planned to comply with them. If you are influenced by others, you change your mind so incessant, learn to ignore outside sources once you have made your choice.You will always find someone who can give you a logical explanation for taking a position opposite to yours.

4. Maintain acceptable sizes and positions within your limits:
 Traders have a real success know that trading is a game of probabilities, and long term, if you stay glued to your strategies and you put in place sound strategies to which you comply, it is likely that you will succeed in success. To be a successful trader, you will never take a position that could jeopardize a substantial capital. In fact, you rarely find a trader who may win more than 10% of its capital in a trade, and 10% is already extremely high.

5. Know your risk ratio versus your earnings ratio:
 The benefit / risk ratio minimum you should use is 2:1. For example, if you are long GBP / USD and you want to gain 50 ps, you should not risk more than 25 ps.

6. Have a suitable capital:
 You should never trading with money that you can not afford to lose. Always make sure you have enough credit, for example you can ask yourself the following question: "If I lose 50% of my starting capital within six months, can I always allow me to trade? Only if the answer is yes you can start trading. One key to success is independence of mind in trading, which means your trading freedom must not be influenced by your fear "crippling" to lose.

7. In Trend or Neutral:
 Learn to analyze the market, is this a market trend or rather neutral? In a market trend, follow the trend in a neutral market, buy low and sell high, when you use stop loss, and you control your risk.

8. Do not fight against the trend:
 Do not try to sell high in a bull market or to buy the bottom in a bear market. Follow the good old adage "the trend is your friend.

9. Study for Learn:
 Learn new ideas, keep up to date, and do not're trading on the ideas of others, you should always know why you're in a trade.

10. Know why you are in a trade:
Keep a journal of your trades and record exactly why you went into each trade. Do not be impulsive, follow your strategy, that way you will learn what strategies work for you long term and which do not work.

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